BASIC UX is a set of common principles that test something’s overall user experience. The problem that this framework is attempting to address is the need for common UX language and understanding in teams and/or organizations.

While information about ‘good UX’ is in increasing availability, teams, organizations, and individuals still struggling to define, measure, and agree upon principles of user experience in a productive manner. For example, a lot of UX discussions end in opinion based design arguments. This causes frustration for the people developing a product, and ultimately leads to a sub-par experience for the users of that product.

BASIC UX attempts to address this problem by providing a concise set of UX principles for guiding a product's usability design. Those principles are:

Within each principle is a set of questions for testing and analyzing a product's UX design. With these standards in place, teams can objectively test, refine and iterate on their product's design in order to bring a superior experience to their end users.